Wolosek Landscaping offers a number of different soils to fit your needs. Whether your next project requires our Pulverized Soil for installing a lawn or just patching up a few spots or our Garden Blend Soil to start the perfect vegetable garden, we have it all.  For your convenience all of our soil products are stored in bulk and can be picked up in our retail yard or can be delivered to your home. Give us a call to get a quote on delivery. Wolosek Landscaping brings dirt to life; we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Garden Soil: Our #2 grade reed sedge peat with 10% sand and 10% soil. Used for potting nursery stock, cemetery urns and gardens.

Pulverized soil blend: Premixed organic compost and top soil with 10% coarse sand. Used to add organics to garden areas for bed preparation. *best seller

Non-pulverized black dirt: Unscreened black dirt. Used as a very economical amendment for very sandy or heavy soils, to be tilled into existing soils. 

Cow Compost blend: 50% our #2 reed sedge peat with 40% composted cow manure, 5% lime and 10% coarse sand. Used to enrich soil, usually tilled into a sand or very heavy clay existing soil to loosen soil. High in nitrogen. 

Compost: Unscreened composted yard and garden waste. Soil amendment for improving organics in sandy soils.  

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