We carry a wide variety of boulders ranging in all different sizes and colors that will match what you are looking for. Not only do we stock these products in our retail center, but we also deliver these products throughout the state of Wisconsin and most of the Upper Midwest. If you are interested in having product delivered check out our Trucking page to see what services are available for both large and small quantities. You can view our boulders below, along with what sizes they come in, or in our Flipbook Catalog.

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Birchwood Boulders
Select Cobblestone
4-8”, 8-12”, 12-18”, 24-36”, 36” & up
Unsorted Cobblestone
3-9”, 6-15”, 10-20”
Rustic Cobblestone (fractured pieces)
4-12”, 8-18”  
Round Fieldstone
3-8”, 8-16”, 16-24”, 24-36”
Unsorted Fieldstone
River Jack Rock
Pewter Gray Boulders
Red/Black Quartz
Random sizes - Limited Item
Blue Breaker Run
White Lime Rock
Ruby Breaker Run
Fox Ridge
6-14”, 18” & up  
Becker Blue Cream Round Boulders 
Shasta Rip Rap
8-16” - Limited Item
Lavender Quartz
Various sizes
Black Crystal Boulders Onyx Boulders Cream Nuggets
Pitted Breaker Run    

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